Taramati Niwas - Exterior View Of Hotel

Welcome to Taramati Niwas. Mr Appasaheb Kanhoji Kharade, a retired police officer, offers accommodation in his newly constructed bungalow with 2 elegantly appointed rooms equipped with modern facilities.

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Shelatkar Niwas - Exterior View

Welcome To Shelatkar Niwas ……
Shelatkar Niwas is a refreshing holiday place with Standard Non A/C rooms, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on request, We also arrange boating in Tarkarli backwater, Dolphin Tour, Snorkeling in Tarkarli, Tarkarli Scuba Diving with lowest rates,

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Visava Sea View - Exrterior View

Visava Sea View is an ideal choice to stay right in the middle of lush green and fragrant plants. This gorgeous home style budget hotels in tarkarli, is an ideal place and a great option to stay close to the mesmerizing sea and the exotic beach in the Malvan city.

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Anushrey Holiday Homes - Exterior View

Anushrey Holiday Homes is a beautiful destination where your holidays meet history. This beautiful region nestled in the Konkan is famous for its food and beaches while the temples and churches add a hint of mystical aura. The moment you step on the cool sand of the beaches, you are sure to fall in love with this beautiful destination.

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Darya Sarang Beach Stay - Exterioe View

Welcome to Darya Sarang Beach Stay….
Our holiday property is located in pristine palm groves surrounding, and exactly at famous Chivala Beach. Chivala beach is a heaven to lovers of sun, sand and the sea and paradise for sun tanners, nature lovers and swimmers who love the safest beach that Malvan has to offer.

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Description Photo Gallery Location Contact Us Description 5 Gunthas of open plot bordered with laterite stone(Chira) compound wall

sunshine home stay - Exterior View

Welcome To Sunshine Home Stay..
Lost in rocks of beachside residential in Malvan, Sun Shine Home Stay is a stylish Konkani cottages and a world of its own, for those who appreciate beauty, peace and creativity. It offers just 2 rooms to let, with balcony and kitchen facility.

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Coconut Garden Beach House is located at Wairy Bhutnath near Famous Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue. We have a total of 18 AC rooms. We have huge space in rooms for storage. The resort is located in cool shades of coconut trees and with mesmerizing swimming pool view as you can see in the given photos.

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Shri Swami Samarth Niwas Homestay - Exterior View

Welcome to Shri Swami Samarth Niwas Homestay.We assure you that we will make your stay in Malvan memorable. A beautiful destinations located at a walkable distance from the famous Jay Ganesh Mandir, Chivala Beach, Rock Garden, Sindhudurg Fort, Market.

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Aaradhya Beach Resort - Exterior View

Welcome To Aaradhya Beach Resort………..Aaradhya Beach Resort is located at  Tarkarli Road,  This Resort operating by Mr. Pramod Pednekar.  We have 2A/C Rooms with attached bathrooms. We have Huge space for parking.

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lodge in malvan

Welcome to Bethel Home…..Bethel Home is a perfect get away place to stay from the city chaos. This stunning home stay hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Mendes offers all that you need while holidaying in the beach land of Malvan being one of the finest hotels in Malvan.

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Soham NX Resort - Exterior View

Welcome to Soham Nx Resort
Soham and Nx Resort is one of the best resort in Tarkarli. 8 AC and 8 Non AC Rooms amidst in a stretched huge property touching to tarkarli road and spread towards tarkarli beach. This beach side property is owned by Mr hirlekar who is retired government servant.

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Tuljai Paryatak Niwas - Exterior View

Welcome to Tuljai Paryatak Niwas…..
Tuljai Paryatak Niwas is situated in a quiet, secluded location, in the heart of Medha, just opposite to Jay ganesh temple , on walk from Malvan beach and market place

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Kshanbhar Vishranti Beach Resort - Exterior View

comfortable & convenient ! located Near Tondavali beach.This property is owned by Mr Vasudev Patil. We have total 2 AC & 2 Non- AC Rooms with Attached Clean western style toilet and bath. We provide Malvani food, home made Lunch/Dinner/ breakfast on request.

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Shri Krupa Niwas - Best Nyahari Niwas In Malvan

Welcome to Shri Krupa Niwas…
This bungalow is constructed by Mr. Sameer Natu, who is working as a clerical staff in Bank. The bungalow with two floors made available an accommodation for tourists on first floor. Mr. Natu staying at ground floor with his family.

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Anita Tours Travel

Car rental in Tarkarli-Malvan Anita Tours and Travels offer cars on hire in Tarkarli-Malvan. We offer you a

REvandi Home Stay - Budget Hotel Near Malvan

Welcome To Revandi Home Stay……………
This is Best place to enjoy with family and friends near malvan City district sindhudurg Maharashtra. we serve authentic homemade malvani food in typical konkani. bungalow with all modern facilities near malvan.

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kesri holiday home malvan tondavali

Welcome to
A home away from your home
Beach touch cottages in Tondavali having 6 AC and 2 Non AC rooms +1 AC hall & 1 Non AC hall located exactly at beach.

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Description Room Amenities Room Tarrif Location Room Booking Contact Description Welcome to Om Sai Raghu Vandana Home Stay Om

Sumati Sagar Nyahari Niwas - Budget Nyahari Niwas In Tarkarli

Welcome to Sumati Sagar Nyahari Niwas
Sumati Sagar Nyahari Niwas With best wishes for a comfortable and memorable stay in Malvan. A beautiful resort just near the most attractive beach of Malvan named Tarkarli beach. This property is owned by Mr. Ramchandra Kubal.

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Hotel Simon King home

The central location of this accommodation Hotel Simon King becomes its utmost plus point. The apt location makes it really accessible and easy to reach around. Constructed by Mr. Everest in the year 2012, this property offers best comfort and great modern amenities to its guests.

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Green Arc - Exterior View

Green Arc is one of the best budgetsHotel in Malvan. Place where you and your family can relax and enjoy your holiday.Green Arc comprises of 1 Standard Non A/c rooms and 4 Premium A/c rooms.Being the one of the best Hotel in Malvan it’s equipped with all modern amenities and offers the best of luxury and comfort.

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Sai Raj Beach Resort - Exterior View

Welcome to Sai Raj Beach Resort, Tarkarli
A little tropical paradise with a turquoise blue sea at its doorstep and an endless stretch of fine white sand beach, Sai Raj Beach Resort is an intimate resort in Tarkarli with spacious beach cottages set lined with coconut trees.This hotel in Tarkarli has beach side cottage with four spacious rooms.

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khushi homestay

Welcome to Khushi Home Stay…………
Khushi Home Stay is located at Chivala Beach Road, This Resort operating by Mr. Mahesh Mayekar. We have 1 A/C Rooms And 2 Non A/C Room with attached bathrooms

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श्रध्देने देवी भराडी समोर नतमस्तक होताना आपल्या मनातील ईच्छेचे एकएक पान उलगडत जाते. भक्त देवी समोर आपली झालेली चुक कबूल करतात. भविष्यात उत्तम आरोग्य, उदंड आयुष्य मिळावं यासाठी नतमस्तक होतात. भराडी माता सर्वव्यापी असल्याने तिला कोठूनही हाक मारली तरी ती ऐकते अशी श्रध्दा असणारे असंख्य भाविक तीची भेट घ्यावी म्हणुन प्रयत्न करत असतात.

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Bharadi Temple

– झुंजार पेडणेकर (मसुरे) मालवण शहरापासून १५ की. मी. वर आडारी पूल, महान गाव मागे टाकल्या नंतर मालवण


– झुंजार पेडणेकर ( मसुरे ) आंगणेवाडीच्या भराडी देवी यात्रेचे स्वरुप  झपाट्याने बदलत आहे. हजारोच्या पटीत भरणारी ही

Bharadi Devi Malvan

– झुंजार पेडणेकर (मसुरे) आंगणेवाडीची भराडी माता सर्वच भक्तांना भरभरुन देते. तिच्या यात्रेत सहभागी होणं म्हणजे भाग्याच समजल

Anandi Home Stay - Budget Beach Home stay in tarkarli

Welcome To Anandi Home Stay …
A bed and breakfast in Tarkarli. This property is owned by a young man Shree Ankush V Kubal. Ankush is from youngsters who have accomplished graduation and choose an option to stay in Malvan and earn in Malvan itself.

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Mahapurush Nyahari Niwas - Exterior View

Welcome to Mahapurush Nyahari Niwas – Devbagh – Tarkarli Wedged between a serene backwater and a turquoise blue sea in a land, the name of which quite literally translates as God’s Garden, Mahapurush Nyahari Nivas is a bed and breakfast located at a minutes walking distance from the devbagh beach

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LK Holiday Home - Exterior View

A very warm welcome to Laxmi Krupa holiday home – With best wishes for a comfortable and memorable stay in Malvan. A beautiful resort just near the most attractive beach of Malvan named Wayangani and Achare beach. Best holiday hotel in Malvan.

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Abhilasha Home Stay - Budget Home Stay In Malvan

Abhilasha Home Stay is a place where you and your family can relax and enjoy your vacation. Abhilasha Home Stay provides the best regional accommodations with facilities that will make your holiday a memorable one. Relax, rejuvenate, and fell like your home.

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Morya Beach Resort - Exterior View

Welcome toMorya Beach Resort….
We offers you 11 rooms surrounded with sprawling heritage of konkan, the luxury rooms offers most enchanting stay around the coconut trees.

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Aditya Beach Resort - Budget Non AC Resort In Tondavali

The small village of Malvan in Maharashtra is 20 minutes from Malvan city. Tondavali and its surroundings have

Top 20 Hotels in Tarkarli

Numerous budget hotels in Tarkarli are available near popular attractions like Tarkarli beach, Devbaug beach, Chivala beach, Sindhudurg fort,


  About the owner Dr Anthony Parera, staying in Achare from last 25 years. He is native from

scuba diving

Snorkeling (also spelled snorkelling) in Malvan Snorkeling is the practice of swimming at the surface of a body of

Best Holiday Resorts in Tarkarli

Best Holiday Resorts in Tarkarli Today, is bustling with numerous homestays in tarkarli, beachside hotels in Tarkarli and thus

Top Beachside Resorts in Malvan

Top Beachside Resorts in Malvan Tarkarli, Malvan  is known for its unique culture,  rituals, Malvani cuisines and the undying spirit

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