Vengurla is a town in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra . This small town some say has natural beauty, good beaches, as well as a rich culture and heritage. This beautiful city surrounded by a semicircular range of hills with a lush green foliage, mainly Cashew, Mango, Coconut plantation interspersed with all kinds of berry trees .

To the north there is Dabholi Hills , to the south there is Mochemad Hills , east is encompassed by Tulas Hills , while to the west it’s the deep blue Arabian Sea all the way till horizon. Some say that the view of the city offers a different shade of beauty from every different angle.

There are many places to see in Vengurla such as Clean and Beautiful Sea-Shore . Rameshvar Temple (Shiva) is the gramdaivat of Vengurla. Sagareshwar Temple , which is built in the sands.

Tourist Destinations in Vengurla  

Vengurla Beach

vengurla beach

It is one of the popular tourist destination surrounded by famous temples coconut trees and cashew nuts. Moreover, the abyss looks beautiful on a cold beach. Many tourist come here to watch the sunset on the beach . You get to do Cycling ,Fishing beach camping, Kayaking and Swimming adventures.


Light House

vengurla light house

Vengurla Lighthouse offers you breathtaking view of Sea. It is located on the edge of Mountain. you can visit this place after 9:00 a.m. till 1 hour. View from Lighthouse is best. A very quiet and beautiful spot to spend evening with your family. It is the perfect destination for a great time with your family, friends and groups.

Shiroda – Aravali :

shiroda-beachThis can be called as twin villages with a major market place at Shiroda . Sunday is a special day for marketing here. Sea shore is very near. Shiroda is as 8km from Vengurla towards Redi.
Shiroda has a historical importance that the Salt Satyagrah of 1930 took place here. Salt is still produced here in plenty. Soil in this Konkan religion is very different, with rich greenery everywhere and a pleasant atmosphere. Shri Vetoba Temple and Shri Sateri Temple both are in Aravali. They have lot of religion importance in this religion. Shri Vetoba idol is Very huge.

Redi :

Redi is another small town in Vengurla. Redi is at a distance of 20km from Vengurla.Vengurla to Redy, the mountains appear below, waiting from the top Giant Rocks are also an attraction here.

Redi Ganesh Temple :

ganesh temple Redi VengurlaThis god Ganesh was found in mines of redi. This Ganesh idol was found underneath . It is a huge idol with only 2 hands . Also a big Mouse (vehicle of ganesha) was found there near.
Vengurla taluka has some Temples including Shri Navadurga at Kanyale Redi, Shri Mauli at Redi, Shri Rampurush Temple at Kanyale Redi, and Shri Ravalnath .

Redi Port and Fort Yashwantgad :

yashwantgad-fortAgain a major sea port of this region. Redi called Redipattan earlier, is a famous mining area. Maharashtra state ends here and from Terekhol starts the Goa border, towards the south. Yashwantgad fort is said to have lot of importance during days of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja but lies unattended now.

Vengurla is also known as Vingoria. Areas included are Dabholi, Khanoli, Tendoli, Wayangani, Surangpani . Malvani is spoken as a local language. Indian’s famous cricket player Little Master – Sunil Gavaskar is from Vengurle.

There are so many places to see Mochemad Beach, Dutch Fortified Factory, Velaghar, Kepadevi Temple – ubhadanda, Lighthouse, Terekhol Beach, Kalvi Beach – Kelus, Redi Vengurla Jetty, Sagareshwar Beach, Dabholi Beach, Ubhadanda Beach, Wayangani Beach, Bagayatavadi Beach etc.

Vengurla features a tropical monsoon climate. During most months of the year, there is significant rainfall in Vengurla. The average temperatures in Vengurla is 27°C .The annual rainfall is 3223mm । 126.9 inch .

How To Reach

Vengurla can easily reachable by road, rail and by air. Pune to Vengurle Distance 405km. Mumbai to vengurla 545km.Goa to Vengurla 75km. Kudal is the nearest railway station. State Transfort buses are available to reach vengurla. Kudal is just 20km from vengurla. Panji Airport is the closest airport to the one who visit this town by air.

Great seafood famous in Vengurla like Tawa Masala Prawns, Masala lobster, Deep fry oyster, Fish Curry, Rava Fries Mussels, Crab Masala Fry, Prawns curry also solkadhi.
The best season to visit Vengurla is the winter season the temperature remain comfortable and is apt for sight seeing. The best time is from November to February as the temperatures are low.

Vengurla is beautiful city in the District. Visit this place once in a while definitely you can enjoying this place.

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