Shri Sai Baba Temple (Hadi)

Hadi, a village situated on the bank of Kalawal river, just 11 Km from Malvan city and 7 Km from Achara. A jua island, spread in 60 hectors, a calm and quite hamlet in Kalawali creek is most suitable spot for backwaters. With serenity and ideal thoughts, Mr. Pandurang (Pandudada) Gavkar, a Sai baba devotee firmly resolves to construct temple of Shri Sai baba in this village. A pure handsome Marble Stone Statue of Shri Sai Baba is installed in the temple. Regular puja, Archana and Bhajanas are conducted here and grand functions are celebrated on all important festive days with huge mass poor feeding and Prasad to all devotees. Many Donors have donated to this temple. ‘A Sanstha’ (organization) formed in this village handled and carries all the activities of temple by expending the interest of the donations. This organization also arranges marriage for poor families in only 1000/- Rs. Near about 400 legal marriages have done in this temple with the help of villagers and organization.

Now days, this organization has started to construct a building for stay of devotees visiting in Malvan. Still the construction requires fund.

Contact No.

1) Mr. Vilas Shridhar Hadkar,
President of Sai seva mandal
Ph. (02365) 280822, Mob. 9421146062.

2) Mr. K. S. Gavkar (Bhai Gavkar),
Ph. (02365) 242621, Mob. 9422374244.

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