Top Beachside Resorts in Malvan

Top Beachside Resorts in Malvan

Top Beachside Resorts in Malvan

Tarkarli, Malvan  is known for its unique culture,  rituals, Malvani cuisines and the undying spirit of the local people. From year 2000, When Sindhudurg district is declared as tourism district in Maharashtra.   Tarkarli beach area has emerged as one of the most popular location for beach holidays in India. Most of the tourists want to stay in those resorts that are located close to a beach so that they can spend maximum time around seaside. Therefore, We come up with a list of top beachside resorts in Malvan with amazing Scuba diving and snorkeling packages.

We have provided a list of various hotels in Tarkarli, We have also selected top  beach resorts in Malvan and Tarkarli., where one can enjoy a comfortable and fun-filled stay. Among various beachside resorts, Mayekar’s holiday home offers a homely accommodation with all the modern amenities. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, the hotel chivala beach is located at a walking distance from the Chivala Beach. The local people  organised various beach activities like Jet ski, bump ride,  parasailing and Scuba diving for adventure seekers.

Last from the list of beachside resorts comes Killa beach resort and Visava sea view at Chivala beach. A home stay abhilasha homestay located next to the Ganesh tepmle in Medha, close to the popular Chivala beach.

Home stay like :

Mulekar Residency

Marisa House

Coconut Cottage The Family Beach House 

Funtastico Beach Resort

Rajmudra Beach Resort

Riddhi Beach Holiday Home

Susham Beach Resort

Coconut Cottage The Family Beach House

Moreshwar Beach Resort

Dinoo’s Sea View 

Malvani Pahunchar 

Shelatkar Niwas

Marisa House

Anushrey Holiday Homes 

Om Sai Raghu Vandana Home Stay

Jack’s Coastal Heaven

Sun Shine Home Stay

Hotel Malvan Beach

Soham Nx Resort

Darya Sarang Beach Stay

Visava Sea View

Mayekar’s Holiday Home 

Morya Beach Resort

Annapurna Beach Resort

Savita Niwas

Sara Home Stay 

Konkan Kinara Home Stay

Ashish Resort 

Avadhut Niwas 

Vicky’s Guest House

Uttara Niwas 

Janaki Hotel

Saarth Residency

Shri Swami Samarth Niwas Homestay 

Bethel Home

Soham Nx Resort

Tuljai Paryatak Niwas

​Garudzep Nyahari Niwas

Aaichchha Nyahari Niwas

Dhananjay Seaside Holiday Home

Shri Krupa Niwas

Chivala Beach Home Stay

Sunrise Niwas Nyahari 

Mulekar Residency 

Green Arc


Khushi Home Stay 

Abhilasha Home Stay


1. Which are the top beach side resorts in Malvan?

Malvan is the Best Place to visit in holidays. There are countless Beach Resorts in Malvan where tourist can stay and enjoy there holidays. One can Stay Near Tarkarli Beach , where other can enjoy Staying Near Chivala Beach , one can make there holiday awsome by Staying Near Devbaghs Beach and so on… If you are planning to visit in Malvan you will find some Top Beach Side Resort to stay in Malvan at our listet you Top Beach Side Resort in Malvan where you can enjoy your holidays.

Here are Top Beach Side Resorts In Malvan to stay.👇🏻

Sun Shine Home Stay,  Hotel Malvan Beach, Darya Sarang Beach Stay, Coconut Cottage The Family Beach House , Visava Sea View, Mayekar’s Holiday Home , Dinoo’s Sea View

2.What is the budget for staying in Beach Side Resort In Malvan ?

Malvan is the beauty of Konkan. Many tourist always visit Malvan for beach stay and enjoyment. Malvan is become tourist favourite destination, staying at Beach Side Resort in Malvan is more fun. There are so many Beach Resort in Malvan , which are pocket friendly. They give you stay within your budget. There is range between 800 to 2500/3000 and so on.. which includes AC rooms in Malvan, Non-AC rooms in Malvan, Resorts near to beach, Resort Exactly on Beach, Beach Front Resorts in Malvan.
This prise range is depends on above facilities.
So whatever your budget is you can choose rooms by your choice within yours budget . One can offer cheapest rates to Stay Near Malvan Beach. Price range to stay near malvan beach are not so high. Malvan offers best and budget beach side resorts in Malvan.

3.Which type of activities tourist can do while staying in beach side resort in Malvan?

Malvan is popular for water sports activities.  In Maharashtra no other place can beat Malvan in Scuba diving and Water sports.

There are so many water activities people can do while staying at Beach Resort in Malvan. One can do Scuba Diving which is the best Water Sport in Malvan to do. Just go for scuba diving and you will never ever forget this amazing experience in your life. Talking about fun, there are so many funny and enjoyable activities like banana ride, jet ski, bumper ride are very funny water sports activities to do in Malvan. Parasailing is also one of the thrilling and unforgettable activity tourist must have to try.

Beach Resort in Malvan offers Best Scuba Diving Packages in Malvan where people can easily find which is the best water sports activities in malvan. Devbag Beach Stay, Tarkarli Beach Stay is best places to do water sports activities. 

Talking about other activities, one can explore the Malvan’s acient long Market called Somwarpeth , one can visit fish market, enjoy watching fish auction. People who came for calm they can enjoy evening at chivala beach or at tarkarli beach by staying near chivala beach or tarkarli beach.
Tarkarli beach and chivala is neat and clean and also wide beach in Malvan.
These are the all kind of activities tourist can do. Lets enjoy the holiday.

4.Which facilities are available in top beach resort in Malvan?

Which are the best top beach side resorts in Malvan we saw in our 1st questions, now we will look out which facilities they provide for tourist. These resorts gives so many facilities which are as follows:
Resort have AC / Non AC rooms are available in almost all beach resort near Tarkarli, Devbag, Malvan… they take care of your rooms by room service facility. Resort in Tarkarli as well as Resort in Devbag offer best water sports activities near tarkarli beach and devbagh beach. So many beach side resort have hammock, lawns at there place. All the resort in Malvan-Tarkarli have doctor on call in emergency. This is very important facility give all the resorts in malvan. Some resort have wifi, telephone, invertor and so on.

Resort offer breakfast or lunch and dinner on request and some resort have there own restaurants. All the tourist always take cared by resorts services but also their pets which are also allowed by some resort. You can find out which resort allowed pets on our .

Talking about arranging vehicles are also include in these facilities where there almost all the resorts in malvan arrange vehicle facility.
So never get worried about anything. Must visit this fabulous top beach resort in Malvan.

5.Which is the best time to visit beach resort in malvan?

Malvan is top holiday destination , which is situated in Maharashtra’s konkan area. Very much popular for sindhudurga fort built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Malvan is always beautiful in every season, but as we are taking about beach resort in malvan must visit malvan in winter. Yes winter is the best season for tourism because cold atmosphere makes your holiday perfect. In this season the water of Arabian sea is crystal clear and this is the perfect time for scuba diving in malvan . Also for school, colleges trips winter is best season to visit here. In winter almost all the top beach side resorts in malvan are full.

Summer is also best time for rest and watch arabain sea or watch sun set for calm and peaceful experience. Hot weather and  enjoy the beach view staying in beach resort in malvan . And last but not the list everyone favorite monsoon, the rainy season, in this season Malvan’s tourism is little less or close but one who love to enjoy greenery and love the fabulous and memorizing smell of earth in rainy days, they can always welcome in malvan in this beautiful monsoon season.

So whenever you are planning to visit in malvan you can visit in any season you like, but winter is perfect for beach stay and best holiday in malvan. Malvan will always welcome tourist in any season.


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