Beaches In Malvan

Find Top 6 Beaches In Malvan | List Of Famous Beaches In Malvan Maharashtra 

Malvan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra with Famous Beaches. Beaches in Malvan are Popular for the  past many years for it’s clean coastline  with a tech of history.

Tarkarli Beach , Malvan Beach, Devbagh Beach, Chivala Beach, Achara Beach, Tondavali Beach are some Popular Beaches In Malvan. A beautiful stunning waves, blue waters, white sand, symphony of colours are all the blessings you can enjoy when you visit this paradisaical Beaches In Malvan -Tarkarli.

Apart from this today malvan is becoming the most popular destination for water sports in Maharashtra. Adventurer water sports like scuba Diving, parasailing, jetski ride, bumper ride, banana boating, and several others are another factor which hikes up the visitor count of these beaches. Beachfront Luxury accommodations, soothing vibes  and wonderful Sea view, this is what these beaches made up of.

Something which is an unmissable part about the beaches, is the sunset and sunrise, as this is the time when their beauty multiples and is enough to bewitch anyone!. These beaches are just perfect for all of it.

Tarkarli Beach :

One of the most popular Beach In Malvan Maharashtra. As well as famous for scuba diving and water sports activities.

Malvan Beach:

The best attraction of this beach is Sindhudurg Fort. This is a good place to do Parasailing in Malvan. 

Chivala Beach :

One of the cleanest beach in Malvan . Famous for its crystal clear blue water. 

Devbagh Beach :

The beach is famous for Sea Eagles and Dolphin boat rides.

Tondavali Beach :

Best place for the most amazing sunset in Tondavali Malvan also offering a perfect spot for nature photography. 

Achara Beach:

The clean water and high waves along with adventure water sports  are the attraction of this beach. 

Visit these Top 6 Beaches of malvan, spend a lovely evening at Tarkarli Beach – Chivala Beach, Enjoy seaside fun along the vast coastline of Malvan. 

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