Temples In Malvan

Famous Temples In Malvan | Temples To Visit In Malvan 

Here is a list of top Famous Temples in Malvan that gives you peace and satisfaction visiting the town.

Bairagi Kasartaka:

Located around 14 km distance from Malvan. Famous for the pure water stream that flows through the rocks.

Jay Ganesh Temple :

Well known Jay Ganesh Mandir,  where the statue of ganesha is actually made up of gold.  Built by LateJayantrao  Salgaonkar, past editor of Kalnirnay Calendar.

Bharadi Temple :

Temple is known as one of the best temple in Malvan situated at Anganwadi, 10 km from Malvan. Most popular Fair ‘Anganewadi Jatra’ is held annually at this place in the month of February.

Rameshwar Temple Achara :

Very peaceful and big temple situated in Achara village. The calm atmosphere and the rich history makes this temple tourists alike and a real treat for worshipers. 

Kunkeshwar Temple :

This ancient Shiva temple is located on the shore of Kunkeshwar  Beach. This temple is also known as Konkan Kashi. This temple is most visited by people on Mondays as it is considered to be the day of worship of Shiva. 

Rameshwar Temple Kandalgaon :

This historic temple  built in the 16th century. Located around 7-8 km from Malvan..

Sateri Temple :

One of the Oldest temple and a good place for silent prayer. 

Sateri Temple Bilwas :

The only temple in Malvan which is situated in the middle of water . Also known as Jal Mandir. 

Wagheshwar Temple :

This temple is situated in the middle of tondavali village, 25 km away from Malvan. On the back side of this Temple there was a jungle with wild animals. People say that in the old days tigers came into the Temple but never disturbed any mankind. So the Temple is known as Wagheshwar Temple.

Bhadrakali Temple Revandi :

Situated in Revandi village 6 km away from Malvan. The beautiful surroundings and the calm atmosphere is something you should experience here. 

Shree Brahmanand Swami Samadhi :

‘ Shree Brahmanand Swami Samadhi’ is in the cave . This place of Ozer just 5km away from Malvan is naturally beautiful and peaceful. 

You can also visit Rameshwar Temple Malvan , Ghumdai Temple, Ganesh Temple (Aadari), Jarimari Temple, Sai Baba Temple (Hadi)

Visiting these holiest  temples in Malvan is sure to be an eye-opening experience for any tourist.

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