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  1. Dear Sir,

    I want a cottage for 2 audults and 1 child in December month before Christmas from Sunday morning to Friday evening.(5 nights)
    Please quote best for me.
    Waiting for your quick response.

  2. Sir,
    We take all the comments very seriously and work on the shortcomings.There are possibilities of lapses from our end and will try and iron them up so the next guest coming are well informed,looked after.
    Warm regards,
    James Britto

  3. 1. We are adults n very well know to protect ourselves still thanks for your forced concern by confining us in your hotel.
    We were talking n there was no sign boards in the room mentioning the decibel levels to be maintained. May be you should think making your rooms a bit sound proof.

    2. As I said we are educated peoples and how can 1 wet n dirty the bed n sleep on the same at night. Pls learn to accept your mistakes. We were told to wait in the lawn at night n enter the room only after 1 has finished bathing up. We were never offered any towels nor showed any taps to wash.

    3. Ok fine, but atleast i can decide at what time i can eat right, i was given a time contraint also that breakfast will be served at 9:30am n if i want to eat at 10:30am they are saying sorry.

    I have rights to express my views anywhere n hence instruct your caretakers to better not call again n disturb us regarding these feedbacks instead work on these shortcomings

  4. Rule 1 .If somebody wants to go out on the beach after 12midnight and stay late till morn,Who will guarantee safety from robbers and dogs.Forget about drowing case.Make noise the full night and disturb other clients in the room

    Rule 2.Go fully wet and sit on the bed and couch and make them wet and dirty so we have to eventually discard it.They could have asked or taken the room towels. There are shower outside to clean themselves up

    Rule3 Its a home stay and what is required in the morn is asked in the night so it can be ready in the morn.Its not a 40 rooms star hotel which has all backup and given as per alacarte.

    We have apologized to the guest on mail,and feel sorry for the same.Staff are instructed to be more liberal towards the guest.

  5. Good room but worst staff, they make sure that your vacation is ruined. We booked this place for 3 days & faced our worst-est nightmares. In the beginning they didn’t uttered a word about any rules and later on they just brought rules after rules making this the worst vacation ever.

    Rule-1 – You can’t enter or leave the hotel after 12 in night.(I mean wtf am i living in a college hostel).
    Rule-2 – Not allowed to enter hotel with wet clothes & sand on your body. (Now I wonder if your hotel is opposite to beach, what do you expect.
    Rule-3 – Order the exact quantity of breakfast the night before.(Oh in morning I feel like having more but wait I didn’t order, the hotel staff swiftly tells me you get only how much you order).

    It is not a hotel, its a jail. I want to sue these assholes.

  6. Perfect stay with family members, rooms are very neat and clean with breathing space ….. 10 meters away from beach … far away from chaotic tarkarli beach and unnecessary crowd ….. walking distance to malvan market

    everything perfect with this place…. rarely you find a place where everything is top class including the service of caretaker sakaram … visiting again …

  7. Hello

    Please quote best rates at Tarkarli/Malvan.

    Total no. of rooms required: 5.

    Check in on 21/12/2016.

    Check out on 23/12/2016.

    Total no. of people: 20 Adults

    With bf- Lunch & Dinner

    In view of the above information, please quote your best rates.



    +91 9764873793

  8. we would to like booked room in Marisa House we are staying in Mumbai and
    plan tarkarli trip in Nov . Please give us sutaible deal . Please see below

    check in – 12th Nov
    check out – 13th morning
    1 night
    5 person – audult all

    we will come by car so please confirm car parking facility

    please revert with total cost


  10. Siddharth Parab


    With reference to subject matter, please quote your best rates at Tarkarli/Malvan.

    We friends and wives are planning to visit Tarkarli. Details are as follows.

    Total no. of rooms required: 5.
    Check in on 02/11/2016.
    Check out on 05/11/2016.
    Total no. of people: 9 adults + 1 child (7 year old) + 2 children (1 year old).

    In view of the above information, please quote your best rates.

    Siddharth Parab
    +91 8460261610


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