Dodamarg Taluka is a taluka in Sindhudurg District. It is bordered by the Goa state to the Southwest, Karnaraka to the southeast and Sahyadri Range to the east with a total area of 45053 hector.

Dodamarg is the smallest taluka in Sindhudurg district. Both Marathi and Malvani are widely spoken. Marathi is, however the official language of the Dodamarg. Dodamarg is hilly region broken by valleys and surrounded by mountain.

Famous Tourist Destination

 Tilari Dam


The well-know inter State Dam Project taken up under the common auspices of Irrigation Dept. of Goa & Maharashtra State Govt. The Dam is constructed on Tilari river in Dodamarg Taluka. The large lake or reservoir formed by the Tilari Dam is sight of charm and enchantment for viewers.

Now-a-days, a number of wild elephants take shelter in the surroundings of Tilari. Therefore it is considered as a Sanctuary of elephants. The Dam and the lake at the distance of 45km from Goa State, attract more and more tourists as well as observers.

 Mangeli Village Waterfall

Mangeli Waterfall

A Picturesque village named Mangeli at the eastern end Dodamarg Taluka as well as on the border of Karnataka state is a worth visiting sight. The wild elephants coming from Karnataka’s forests are causing harm to agriculture and coconut plantations. Besides, Mangeli is famous for different medicinal herbs. The village is surrounded by high hills. Beautiful falls, flowing down pleasantly add to the natural beauty of this far off calm and quiet rural locality.

 Wirdi Falls

The wirdi fall in Dodamarg taluka is so far an untouched site, at the distance at 20km from Dodamarg. Wirdi is a village situated at the southern most end of Sindhudurg district on common borders of Goa and Karnataka. Enjoy monsoon treks to the gushing Mangeli Waterfall. To visit this place in rainy season is the best. The scenic view looks beautiful.


For last 10-15years, people from Keral have done deep study of Land, Water and environment of this are and started plantation of Pineapple along with Banana. Now pineapple is one of the main product of taluka. Tilari major irrigation project area is the main habitat. People of Dodamarg also planting Pineapple and Banana and sell it to the Mumbai or local market including North Goa.


The Porgad fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj in 1674 to 1676. Porgad is the fort on border of district Sindhudurg and Kolhapur at Maharastra state. Structurally it looks like a conch – shell. The fort was suitable to keep watch on the movement of the enemy in Goa as well as Konkan.


Dodamarg has warm and humid climate. Temperatures are max. 32°C and monsoon winds bring heavy rains. Best time to visit December to February.

There are no railway station in Dodamarg. Kudal railway station is 50 km. Sawantwadi railway station is 35km from there, from there you can travel by bus or provide car etc.

There are viewing point at Unneyi Bandharam, Inter – state project of Tilari Dam, Rock Garden, The fort of Pargad and Hanumant Gad, Tervan medhe, Kasainath Hill, Devetonal places of faith like Nagnath Temple and elsewher. You can definitely visit the beautiful city Dodamarg.

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