Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli (6km south of Malvan city)

Tarkarli is about 30 kms from Kudal railway station of Konkan railway. Tarkarli beach shot into fame after Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC) started the beach resort in Tarkarli and declared Tarkarli as one of the premiere beach destination in Maharashtra. Now MTDC has made houseboat facility available at Tarkarli. Four houseboats are at the service of discerning traveler. These fully equipped luxury boats have the Hi-tech equipment and all luxurious amenities on board.

A long stretch of silver sands, cool sea breeze whispering through towering coconut plantations on the beach, Fishermen seen launching their traditional boats and nets daily into the sea is an interesting feature to watch on this beach.

MTDC has a luxury resort around the beach, inviting tourist to experience something unusual-staying. Two house boats are constructed in back water with luxurious facilities. Get thrilling Experience of Water sports. Be cautious while entering the sea for swimming.

With its sprawling coastline, Takarli has become the perfect place for water sports. The youngster in the locality who are originally from fisherman community, offers you speed boat ride, water-skiing, banana bump rides, dolphin spotting rides. Next move to snorkel, scuba diving, para-sailing, paragliding, camel ride, horse ride and so on.


1. What Is There To See In Tarkarki Beach?

Tarkarli is a one of the best holiday destination. Tarkarli is small but beautiful village in Malvan. Tarkarli is famous for its/his Silver Sand and Clean Beach, Fisherman see launching their boats and nets daily into the sea. There are lots of budget hotels are available in Beach side. The beautiful sunset is seen in the Evening. Want to learn more then Visit malvancity. com

2. What Kind Of Activities Are There At Tarkarli Beach?

Tarkarli Beach is most popular/famous for Water Sports. There are many activities like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Parasailing, Jet ski ride, Speed boat ride, many more packages are available and different type of Scuba Diving package are available – Shallow Scuba Diving, Average Scuba Diving, Deep Scuba Diving For more details Visit this site 👉🏻malvancity. com

3. What Kind Of Hotels Are There Near Tarkarli Beach?

So many different types of hotel’s available in Tarkarli Beach side – Budget hotels, AC and Non Ac rooms, Luxurious Hotels, Wooden cottages also available.

If your planning to come to tarkarli leave the Hotel worry, because malvancity.com will help you to find Hotels Near to Beach.

4. How Far Is Tarkarli Beach From Malvan City?

Reaching Tarkarli is very easy, There are so many ways to reach. Tarkarli is 6km south at Malvan City. Reserved buses are provided to Tarkarli through Malvan. These Buses leave every half hour. You can comfortably travel through these buses to Tarkarli. Otherwise you comes directly by your own car or bike. You need more Information so you must visit malvancity.com

5.What Are Some Places To Look For From Nearby Tarkarli Beach?

Tarkarli Beach is located at Malvan City. Which is surrounded by a beautiful big coconut tree garden. There is a MTDC resort nearby from Tarkarli Beach. MTDC made Four House Boats facility there. These fully equipped luxury boats. Going from there you can see the beautiful Sindhudurg Fort standing inside the Arabian Ocean. The famous Rock Garden, Jay Ganesh Temple, there are many places around here. You have to visit all these places then you first visit malvancity.com

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