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Aditya Beach Resort - Budget Non AC Resort In Tondavali


The small village of Malvan in Maharashtra is 20 minutes from Malvan city. Tondavali and its surrounding  has been a popular location for tourist development in recent years. Number of cottages have sprung up at Tondavali beach. 

Heading east towards Talashil creek on the north side of the river takes you through Tondavali. Passing through jungle of Casuarina trees attracts tourists from all over the region. Top hotels in Tondavali are as follows

Aaditya Beach Home Stay


Kshanbhar Vishranti Beach Resort


Kesri Holiday Beach Resort


Gaaj Beach Holiday Resort

Gaaj Beach Holiday Resort - Exterior View


1.Which Are The Top Totels in Tondavali?

Tondavali is one of the best holiday destination in Malvan. Tondavali is small village just few minutes away from main Malvan city. It will take at least half hour to reach Tondavali from Malvan. Tondavali is very much known for its famouse beach called Tondavali Beach. Thus beach is not so crowded but one who want to relax and calm at beach then Tondavali beach is must visit beach of Malvan. There are numerous Home stays in Tondavali to stay, also for special malvani style cuisine there are lots of hotels in todavali are available. Tondavali beach stretch so long and it is beautiful beach you will find in Malvan. Beach resorts in tondavali are always there to welcome their guests. have select some top resorts in tondavali for you. The list is as followes 👇🏻

Aaditya Beach Home Stay,  Kshanbhar Vishranti Beach Resort, Kesri Holiday Beach Resort

2.How To Reach Tondavali?

Tondavali is one of the cleanest beach of Malvan. Tondavali is situated at the sea side in Malvan. Tondavali is small village but its very popular for its tondavali beach.

Tondavali is around 20 to 25 minutes away from Malvan. Just take few minutes at you will reach the perfect place. You can reach tondavali by many ways such as Rail, Road, and Flight too. By road one who want to come direct from Pune to Tondavali with their private car they will directly reach the destination easily. Buses are also from Pune to Malvan take that and when you reach Malvan, After that you just have to take another bus to reach tondavali beach, or else auto rickshaws or six seaters are available to visit tondavali.

Another way is railway which is very cheapest way to visit anywhere. There are so many stations such as Kudal, Sawantwadi, Oros ( Sindhudurga nagari), Kankavali. Reach whatever station from Mumbai or Pune and then take bus and reach the spot. It will take approximately 1 hours from Kankavali to tondavali distance. or else autos are their to reach tondavali.
By the air way you have to land at Goa Airport and take buses from Gao to Malvan – then Malvan to Tondavali.

This is how by any way you are affordable with you will visit tondavali.

3.Which Activities I Can Do At Tondavali ?

Tondavali beach is one of the famous beach in Malvan. This beach is very long and wide. This beach is not much crowded but its perfect for vacations. Tondavali beach is neat and cleaned, the Silver sand glows the and sea water is very clear and shiny. The best part of this beach is tourist can do water sport activities at this beach. Scuba diving in tondavali is very popular water sport in Malvan. Other water activities like banana ride, bumper ride, jet ski also their on the tondavali beach. One can have fun and enjoy playing food ball or wollyball at the beach side, there are many more activities to do at tondavali beach . One can go for fishing at the other hand one can enjoy Dolphin tour in tondavali. Kids can enjoy creating sand arts making forts or mahals on beach. People play cricket on this beach too.

At some time you will able to take camel ride. So why late just pack your bags and come to visit tondavali. will help you to find top tondavali beach resort for you. Enjoy your holiday while staying at tondavali home stays.

4.Which Place Are There To Visit In Tondavali?

Tondavali is small village located at Malvan. It takes 25 to 40 mins to visit from Malvan to Tondavali Beach. This place is surrounded with greenery of kokans nature, at the east side there is Kalaval creek, on the west side the wide Arabian sea you will find.

This place is popular for its Tondavali beach, but some other places in Tondavali are also there to visit which are as followes 👇🏻
1) Bharatgad Fort – Bharatgad for is one the fort in Malvan to visit. This is historical place in Malvan to visit.
2) Wagheshwar Temple – Devotees come their to visit Wagheshwar Mandir to full fill their wishes.
3) Shri Mahapurush Temple – Again this temple is also must visit temple in Tondvali
4) Maruti Mandir – In tondavali village you eill find the small villege called Bilwas you will find this Maruti Temple which is of lord Hanuman temple devotees always visit this temple.
5) Datta Mandir – This temple will also feel you warm and fresh.
6) Wayagani Beach – wayangani beach is also famous beach for holidays tourist visit this beach at vacations.
7) Rameshwar Mandir Kandalgaon – This is one of the popular and most famous temple in Malvan city. Many devotees visit this temple.
8) Suru Wan – Tondavali is famous for its Suru Trees which are long highted trees. You will find countless Suru trees which call as Suru Ban at Tondavali many tourist come this Suru wan to enjoy having lunch seating at the middle of this forest.

5.What Type Of Food / Dishes I Will Get At Hotels In Tondavali?

Tondavali is located at Malvan this is few minutes distance from Malvan. It will take 20 to 25 minutes to visit tondavali beach from Malvan.

There are many hotels in tondavali are available. AC / Non AC hotels in Tondavali, Luxurious hotels in tondavali which are budget friendly. Malvan is famous for its mouth watering Malvani cuisine. Being Malvani Village all the hotels in Tondavali have Malvani food in their menu. Miuth watering Malvani dishes such as Surmai Thali, Pomfret thali, Bangada fry, Kolambi fry and so on

Hotels in tondavali have konkani dishes at breakfast like Ghavan And ras, shevaya and Ras, etc.

Talking about fruits to eat mangos, cashew, jack fruit, ( fanas ), jaam🍐😅 are the fruits of Malvan. You will get Malvani Khaja which is very very famous in malvan.

Except Malvan cuisine if anyone want to eat food like Chinese, panjabi dishes then hotels in tondavali will arrange that too, but staying in tondavali home stay you must have to try Malvani cuisine once and you will never forget the mouth watering taste and visit again and again.


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