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Welcome to Malvan, a beach destination in Sindhudurg district, Konkan. Now days most of the property investers turned their direction from metro cities to  villages in Konkan. Sindhudurg district is declared as a tourism district from 2000. The lacs of tourists are visiting Tarkarli and Malvan in a month.  The growing development and upcoming new projects in Konkan will definitely boom up the real estate field also. So this is right time to invest in properties of Malvan or anywhere in Konkan. The land cost is also increasing rapidly so investers have better option to buy land in Malvan or near to Malvan as per their current budget.

Here we are exploring so many properties in Sindhudurg but especially properties in Malvan. We explore only undisputed and clear titled properties in Malvan town and in Sindhudurg. 

We have small properties in  Malvan Municipal area. 

We have properties for resorts/hotels/homestays near to beach. (Tarkarli beach, Tondavali beach, Achara beach) 

We have agriculture properties in acres inside Malvan villages, 15 to 20 km away from Malvan town.

We have NA plots in Malvan for residential constructions

We have expertise team of Architects, Structural engineers, Labor Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Land surveyors, Legal advisors. 

Land Sale in Devali malvan

20 Gunthas Open Plot
Price Range : 15 Lacs per Guntha

Property to sale in Malvan
Malvan Property 102
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