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Malvan is a small city in Sindhudurga district, Maharashtra state, India. It is a southern-west coastal part of Konkan belt. Geographically, Maharashtra is located at 16.40 N to 22.10 N & 72.60 E to 80.9 E, Sindhudurg district is situated between Latitudes 15.37N to 16.40 N, & longitudes 73.19E to 74.18 E, whereas Malvan is spread over 16°00′.45 N to 16° 05′.00 N & 73° 15′.00 E to 73° 24′.18 E.

By road, Malvan is 520 kms away from Mumbai, 200 kms from Ratnagiri & 405 Kms away from Pune. Mumbai Central Depot, Boriwali & Parel depots have arranged ST to Malvan. Some private luxury buses Parijat, Rameshwar, Jagdamba are also providing Mumbai-Malvan service at low fare. Their offices are at Elphinston rd. (W), Parel (E), Bhandup (E), Boriwali(E). 250/- to 350/- Rs fare, changing by season.

By rail, Kudal & Sindhudurga, these 2 stations are closest to Malvan, Malvan city is 30 KMs away from Kudal & 31 Kms from Sindhudurga station(by road). ST depot of Kudal is a just away by 10 minutes of walking distance from station. Auto rickshaws are also available for transportations fares 10 Rs per head upto Kudal depot. From Sindhudurga station, Two ST stops are closest, Oros
& Ranbambuli, both are 1Km away. Due to high frequency of ST buses Ranbambuli is more preferable.
Kudal station is 511 Kms away from Thane, 193 Kms from Ratnagiri, 398 Kms from Pune, 968Kms from Nagpur & 95 Kms from Panaji.

By air, Goa airport (Dabholim), a domestic airport is nearest one. whereas Mumbai (Sahara ) is international airport which nearer to Malvan.

Tarkarli beach is just 6 Km from Malvan ST Depot. Auto rikshwas and inter city Mini buses are available from Malvan ST depot to tarkarli beach.

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