Top Best Historic Places  & Monuments In Malvan

 List of Famous Monuments In Malvan

We all have been to various beautiful places in Maharashtra, as we all know theres on small town in Maharashtra which is known for its tourist attraction. Can any one among us guess the place? Ohh yes, the place is just near by our heart which spells as Malvan, can be also spelled as the core capital of Sindhudurg, apart from all its beach destinations and water sports activities, the place is also been recognized as the historic region.

Malvan situated in Maharashtra district is popularly known for its history and ancient historical monuments.

Here are top best historic places and monuments in Malvanthat should be a must visit when you are in this amazing city.

Sindhudurg Fort :

Sindhudurg Fort is one of the top most tourist places of Malvan. The fort was build by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1667 on Kurte Island.

Bhagwantgad Fort :

This ancient fort was build by Pant Bawadekarand has witnessed many wars.This fort is situated on one and a half acres.

Bharatgad Fort:

Located 18km from Malvan. The area of ​​this fort is 5 acres.Fort was built by Fond Sawant in 1680. 

Kushe Wada 

Rajkot Fort :

With the construction of Sindhudurg fort, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built Rajkot on the right side of Sindhudurg.

Sarjekot Fort:

This fort is situated very close to the Malvan. Sarjekot was constructed in 1668.

Padmagad :

This Fort is located between Sindhudurg Fort and coast of Malvan. The main intention in building this fort was protection of Sindhudurg Fort. 

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