Top 20 Hotels in Tarkarli

Top 20 Hotels in Tarkarli

Numerous budget hotels in Tarkarli are available near popular attractions like Tarkarli beach, Devbaug beach, Chivala beach, Sindhudurg fort, Scuba point and Sarjekot jetty. Here are a few such hotels and resorts in Tarkarli Malvan that offers budget accommodation.

Aaradhya Beach ResortAaradhya-Beach-Resort

Sai Raj Beach ResortSai-Raj-Beach-Resort-

Soham Nx ResortSoham-NX-Resort

Bhaunchi Wadi Home StayBhauchi-Wadi-Budget-Home-Stay-tarkarli


Adinarayan Wooden Cottages Adinarayan Niwas Wooden Cottages

Taramati NiwasTaramati-Niwas-in-Tarkarli

Almeida’s AshiyanaAlmeida’s-Ashiyana-tarkarli

Anandi Home StayAnandi-Home-Stay

Vasant Vihar Beach HouseVasant-Vihar-Beach-House

Jack’s Coastal Heavenac-rooms-near-devbagh-beach

Funtastico Beach ResortFuntastico Beach Resort

Rajmudra Beach Resort

Bhutnath Home Staybhutnath-home-stay-tarkarli

Seashore Home Stay Seashore-Home-Stay

Ashish Resort ashish-resort-tarkrli

Malvani Pahuncharmalvani-pahunchaar-tarkarli

Mahapurush Nyahari NiwasMahapurush-Nyahari-Niwas-tarkarli

Coconut Garden Beach HouseCoconut-Garden-Beach-House-Home-Stay-in-tarkarli

Susham Beach Resort Susham-Beach-Resort-tarkarli

Moreshwar Beach ResortMoreshwar-Beach-Resort-takarli


1.Why Tarkarli is Best Holiday Destination in Malvan? / Why Choose Tarkarli for Holidays?

Tarkarli is beauty of Kokan. Tarkarli is situated in Malavan, near to Arabian sea, it is the best place to visit in Malvan. Tarkarli is famous for its Marine life.

Tarkarli have very beautiful view of neat and clean beach, the white sand and blue sea waves is very nice combination to watch. Tarkarli beach reaches over millions of tourist arrive every single year. Tourist will enjoy the breathtaking view of Arabia Sea in Tarkarli.

Numerous budget hotels and holidays homes in Tarkarli are available for stay in Tarkarli along with Wayari beach and Devbagh beach.

Hotels in Tarkarli serves delicious mouth watering Malvani cuisine . Popular attractions such as Sindhudurg Fort, Rock garden, Chivala beach and so on are also there to visit. There will be so many things to do in tarkarli like water sports, sight seeing, dolphin ride etc. This all the reasons why you have to Tarkarli beach . This is the must visit beach of Malvan.

2. Which are the to 20 Hotels in Tarkarli? / Where to Stay in Tarkarli ?

There are lots of budget hotels in Tarkarli are available for stay. Staying with unique ways then houseboat in tarkarli, wooden cottage in tarkarli, tarkarli nivas nyahari type of stays are also there in Tarkarli. Hotels in tarkarli are near to beach, exactly on beach, AC resort in Tarkarli, Non AC Resorts in Tarkarli, luxurious resort in Tarkarli and many more different types of options are available to choose.

If your budget is low then numerous budget hotels in tarkarli are also there you will find. All the hotels in tarkarli have perfect parking area.

To know which are the top 20 hotels in tarkarli visit our page to know more click here 👉🏻  ( top 20 hotels in tarkarli )

3.How to Reach Tarkarli?

Tarkarli is situated in Malvan, which is 9 kilometer away from Malvan. Tarkarli Beach can me easily reachable by road from Mumbai to Tarkarli,  or from anywhever. There are few nearest railway stations are available such as Sindhudurg Nagari, Kudal, Kankavali, Sawantwadi. It will take around one and half hours to reach tarkarli from this stations.
Goa airport is the nearest airport to reach Malvan.

Private car is the best option to visit tarkarli direct from Mumbai / Pune to Tarkarli

Buses also come Mumbai / Pune to Malvan, you have to take auto to reach tarkarli beach from Malvan bust stand thats it and you will reach Malvan’s best beach.

4.What To Do In Tarkarli?

There are many activities you can do in Tarkarli. Tarkarli beach offers multiple advanture and thrilling water sports and games for tourist. Visitors can do scuba diving in tarkarli. Bumper rides, Banana rides, Jet skis, Parasailing any many more different type of water sports are conducted at tarkarli beach. Experience the water world by doing snorkeling in Tarkarli.

Visiting dolphin safari, devbag tarkarli sangam point, tsunami island, mahapurush temole are some other things to do in tarkarli except from water sports.

You can have sunbathing, play other sports like foot ball or volley ball at the beach side. Enjoy the vacations!

5.Which Places Are Best To Visit In Tarkarli ?

Seating or laying on tarkarli home stay or doing water sports activities .. other than that there are many popular places you can visit in tarkarli which are as follows 👇🏻

1) Tarkarli Beach – off course tarkarli beach is must explore beach of Malvan. White sand blue water and amazing view of Sindhudurga Fort is perfect thing to watch. Also watching sunset at Tarkarli Beach is best thing to do in tarkarli.
2) Devbag Beach – Devbagh beach is just few mints away from tarkarli beach this beach is best for water sport in malvan.
3) Devbag Sangam – Devbagh sangam is the spot where karali river meets Arabian sea and the view is amazing.
4) Tsunami Island – This islannd is also must visit place which are surrounded by Arabian sea.
5) Padamgad and Dandeshwar Temple – Padmagad is historical fort from malvan and dandeshwar temple is also one of the best temple to visit.
6) Sindhudurg Fort – When you are in Malvan city then sindhudurg fort is the first and main place of Malvan to visit. Which is build by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
7) Rock Garden : This garden is creation of rocks and man made things. This is the sunset point of malvan. 10 minutes away from tarkarli beach.
8) Jay Ganesh Temple : Devotees come here to full feel their wishes.
9) Chivala Beach : This is one of the cleanest and wide beach in Malvan to visit.
10) Malvan Jetty – Malvan jetty is visitors favorite place from Malvan to visit
So whenever you are planning to visit Tarkarli above places are must visit places of Tarkarli Malvan


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