Hotels located exactly at Beach | beach side hotels in Tarkarli | beach stay in Malvan

The hotels/resorts located at Tarkarli beach and resorts/hotels located at Malvan beach ,Tondavali beach, Chivala beach are listed under this tag. These are beach side hotels in Malvan and Tarkarli.

Sai Sheetal Beach House Tarkarli – 9423462699/9967860663

Sai Sheetal Beach House is nestled quaintly as one of the best hotels in Tarkarli Devbag curated for all of those who love budget-friendly vacations. Our resort in Tarkarli is located in between Malvan City and Devbagh so one can visit both at the same duration of time.

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Homestay in malvan

Anny Home – 7709918618/9404938618

Anny home is exactly in the middle of Malvan city, so that one can visit nearby places like Malvan beach, Chivla beach, Sindhudurg fort, Rock Garden in same distance which is just 5 min away from our homestay.

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Riddhi Beach Holiday Home - Home Stay In Malvan

Riddhi Beach Holiday Home – 8261822106 / 9420881772

Welcome to Riddhi Beach Holiday Home. Riddhi Beach Holiday Home is located at Chivla Beach. This homestay operating by Mr. Vicky We have 7 Ac, Non- AC Rooms with attached bathrooms with running hot and cold water. We have Huge space for parking. 

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Coconut cottage the family beach house - Exterior View

Coconut Cottage The Family Beach House – 7738740627 / 9405880637

Welcome to Coconut cottage the family beach house………
Coconut cottage is safe and hygiene place for families. It is located near the beach right in front of sindhudurg fort built by great chatrpati shivaji maharaj. A class it self in rusty and natural environment. All the rooms are fully furnished which offers all the guests leisure, comfort and convenience.

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Visava Sea View - Exrterior View

Visava Sea View – 7972274055 / 02365-251266

Visava Sea View is an ideal choice to stay right in the middle of lush green and fragrant plants. This gorgeous home style budget hotels in tarkarli, is an ideal place and a great option to stay close to the mesmerizing sea and the exotic beach in the Malvan city.

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Darya Sarang Beach Stay - Exterioe View

Darya Sarang Beach Stay – 02365-252789 / 9422633745

Welcome to Darya Sarang Beach Stay….
Our holiday property is located in pristine palm groves surrounding, and exactly at famous Chivala Beach. Chivala beach is a heaven to lovers of sun, sand and the sea and paradise for sun tanners, nature lovers and swimmers who love the safest beach that Malvan has to offer.

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Vitthal Rakhumai Resort - Resort In Malvan

Vitthal Rakhumai Resort – 9923823967 , 8408910569

Welcome to Vitthal Rakhumai Resort……
Vitthal Rakhumai Resort is located at Tarkarli -Devbag Road, This Resort operating by Mr. Shashikant Keluskar. We have 2 A/C Rooms And 3 Non A/C Room with attached bathrooms . We have Huge space for parking. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on request

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Almeida's Ashiyana Budget Beach Home Stay in Tarkarli

Almeida’s Ashiyana – 9820624660 / 9420420512

Welcome to Almeida’s Aashiya. Almeida’s Ashiyana is a dream of Almeida’s family it is situated on the beach. Beautiful view of the beach from the premises. especially it is the wonderful view in the morning where you can view the beach 

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Devbag Beach House - Beach Home Stay In Tarkarli

Devbag Beach House –

Welcome to Devbag Beach House. Devbag Beach House is located at Devbag. This Home Stay operating by Mr. Patrick Butaello. We have 2 AC  &  Non Ac Rooms with attached bathrooms with running hot and cold water. We have Huge space for parking.

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Vasant Vihar-Feature Image

Vasant Vihar Beach House – 8668470503 / 9764195498

Welcome to Vasant Vihar Beach Home…..
Vasant Vihar Beach Home is a refreshing holiday place with Standard Non A/C seafacing rooms, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on request, We also arrange boating, Dolphin Tour, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Camel riding and Vehicle provision.

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Susham Beach Resort - Budget Home Stay in Malvan

Susham Beach Resort – 7588484905 / 9168321771

Welcome to Susham Beach Resort. Susham Beach Resort is located at Wairy, Malvan. This Resort operating by Mr. Bunty Sarang. We have 6 AC Rooms And 3 Non AC Rooms with attached bathrooms with running hot and cold water. We have Huge space for parking.

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sunshine home stay - Exterior View

Sun Shine Home Stay 8975686080/9403392628

Welcome To Sunshine Home Stay..
Lost in rocks of beachside residential in Malvan, Sun Shine Home Stay is a stylish Konkani cottages and a world of its own, for those who appreciate beauty, peace and creativity. It offers just 2 rooms to let, with balcony and kitchen facility.

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Soham NX Resort - Exterior View

Soham Nx Resort

Welcome to Soham Nx Resort
Soham and Nx Resort is one of the best resort in Tarkarli. 8 AC and 8 Non AC Rooms amidst in a stretched huge property touching to tarkarli road and spread towards tarkarli beach. This beach side property is owned by Mr hirlekar who is retired government servant.

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Seaview palace - Budget Ac Hotel In Tarkarli

Seaview Palace – 9136383697 / 9403204179

Welcome to Seaview Palace, Tarkarli ! We are located to the southern most Konkan belt of Maharashtra, India. We are just 6 kms away from Malvan city.A Plush 5 Star like accommodation designed for a globetrotting family.

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Sumati Sagar Nyahari Niwas - Budget Nyahari Niwas In Tarkarli

Sumati Sagar Nyahari Niwas

Welcome to Sumati Sagar Nyahari Niwas
Sumati Sagar Nyahari Niwas With best wishes for a comfortable and memorable stay in Malvan. A beautiful resort just near the most attractive beach of Malvan named Tarkarli beach. This property is owned by Mr. Ramchandra Kubal.

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Sai Raj Beach Resort - Exterior View

Sai Raj Beach Resort – 9420972887 / 7507655682

Welcome to Sai Raj Beach Resort, Tarkarli
A little tropical paradise with a turquoise blue sea at its doorstep and an endless stretch of fine white sand beach, Sai Raj Beach Resort is an intimate resort in Tarkarli with spacious beach cottages set lined with coconut trees.This hotel in Tarkarli has beach side cottage with four spacious rooms.

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mayekar's holiday home-chivla beach

Mayekar’s Holiday Home – 9423512451 / 9421236348

A home away from home located exactly at Chivala beach. A beach side 2 cottages with two sea side rooms in each having large window. One can see the beach directly from room while sleeping on bed. All 4 rooms are tastefully designed with all the necessary amenities to ensure a delightful stay during your vacation in Malvan.

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savita niwas

Savita Niwas – 9423806294 / 9881828600

Welcome to Savita Niwas……
Savita Nivas is a 4 Non AC rooms homestay located at the Chivla beach itself.
All the rooms have sea view, are double bedded and have attached western and indian style toilets.
The rooms are built in two blocks; the new block have larger rooms.

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