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Best Holiday Resorts in Tarkarli

Mar 18, 2016 by     No Comments    Posted under: News & articles

Best Holiday Resorts in Tarkarli

Today, malvancity.com is bustling with numerous homestays in tarkarli, beachside hotels in Tarkarli and thus it has become a easy task for the travellers to opt for the best. Here, we comes into play and offers you the best of beachside resorts in Tarkarli with its attractive online hotel booking offers. A holiday in Tarkarli will surely provide you the much needed break from the hustle bustle of daily life.

The land of clean and serene beaches, swaying palm groves down the shoreline and delicious Malvani sea food, adventure water sports activities,Tarkarli is one place where unlimited fun is guaranteed. Over the years, with increasing number of domestic and international tourists, Tarkarli tourism has seen an overwhelming growth in numbers of small resorts and home stays.  While visiting Tarkarli, one must experience the holistic approach to health and mind at the best Ayurvedic and Spa center at the entry of MTDC tents.


Following are beach side resorts in Tarkarli

Gajanan home stay, Tarkarli

Soham and Nx Resort, Tarkarli

Laukik Nyahari Niwas, Tarkarli

Tanmay nyahari Niwas, Tarkarli

Morya Beach Resort, Tarkarli

Hotel Malvan Beach, Tarkarli

Vasant Vihar Beach House, Tarkarli

Namita Beach House, Tarkarli

Gajanan home stay,Tarkarli

Following are homestays in Tarkarli

Kinara Beach Resort, Tarkarli

Twinkle star beach resort, Tarkarli

Silica Beach Resort, Tarkarli

Morning Star Beach Holiday Home, Tarkarli

Konkan Villa Nyahari Niwas, Tarkarli

Morning Glory Beach House, Tarkarli

Taramati Niwas,Tarkarli

Ashish Resort,Tarkarli

Coconut Garden Beach Home, Tarkarli

Leesha Beach Resort, Tarkarli

Ganpat Prasad Nyahari Niwas, Tarkarli

Anandi Residency Nyahari Niwas, Tarkarli

Tikam Home Stay, Tarkarli

Nirmitee Nyahari Niwas, Tarkarli

Mauli Nyahari Niwas, Tarkarli

Chintamani Resort, Tarkarli

Hotel Yash Nyahari Niwas, Tarkarli

Chaitanya Beach Resort, Tarkarli




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