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Best Hotel booking site for Tarkarli -Malvan, Maharashtra, India.

This is the topmost and well known Tarkarli hotel booking site, accumulates the information about the hotels, resorts and homestays in Tarkarli as well as in Malvan. Full tariff card and hotel package rates are given here.

Many people are searching hotels and resorts in Tarkarli -Malvan. At the time of booking, Many questions comes in their mind like – how far the booked resort is from beach? shall i get my required services in hotel? what facilities are available in my booked hotel? and many more… in this site we are trying to clear the doubts which comes in visitor’s mind.

As per the location of hotel or resorts in Tarkarli-Malvan, we have categorized the hotels in 4 types 

1   Hotels or Resorts located exactly at Tarkarli Beach or located exactly at other beaches in Malvan – This options in left pane of website list the resorts or home stays adjacent to beach.

2   Hotels, home stays or resorts just on walk from beaches in Tarkarli-Malvan – Here list of all accommodations are listed located inside circumference of  500m from beach.

3   Hotels located at the distance of 1 km or more from Malvan beaches

4   Hotels in Tarkarli- This link on website gives list of all categories of accommodation located in Tarkarli village only.

As per the room tariff we divide the accommodations in 3 types

1  Basic affordable hotels in Tarkarli-Malvan with tariff less than Rs. 1000

2  Hotels, Resorts and  home stays with tariff ranges from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000

3  Resorts inTarkarli-Malvan with tariff more than Rs. 2000

Why this hotel booking site is really help full?

About the owner

Dedicated professional with 6+ years experience in web design and development. Experienced, resourceful and effective designer with proficiency in all aspects of design. A graduate in Computer Engineering at S H Jondhale College of Engg, affiliated with Mumbai University.

My Vision

“if opportunity doesn’t knock then build Door ”

My Mission

“Design is thinking for improvement, forever”

Took turn to travel site

It was the year 2006, when the idea to design and develop first travel site for tourism in Malvan and Tarkarli came into existence under the name of malvancity.com. By Starting with 10 hotels, Now we have more than 200 hotels subscribed on my web site. Bringing latest technologies like CMS in website and offering online hotel booking portal system with Resavenue.com, I enhanced my website. reaching to thousands of unique visitors are visiting per month, and visitors are leaving reviews and opinions covering about the  accommodations in hotels. The sites operate all over the world. We always try to look  and work better our website.

We yearly update the hotel information with fresh photographs without any modification.

Why this site ?

This site made available the direct contact numbers of hoteliers and managers, no intermediate  agents in between.

Daily updates are available on this site.


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