Late Mr: Shrikant Desai

Name :Late Mr Shrikant Desai


Working Fields : Literature, Cultural, Journalism

Achievements :
His written 28 Play Scripts achieved various awards.
Mumbai Newspapers Editors Unity conferred him for his written a historical column.
Maharashtra Majadur Welfare Center awarded for his Play Script Continuously captured an award by three years for a play script ‘Rang Bahar’
He started his career as journalist from his college life. He wrote on the problems arose in Sindhudurga district. A deep study of historical & religious places & monuments.

His editions ‘Shivaprabhunchi Shivalanka-Sindhudurga’, ‘ The tourist places in Malvan’, ‘The tourist places in Sindhudurga’, ‘Swamibhakt Rangoli Maharaj’ are well famous & available for tourists. He had given seminars on subject of Tourism Development conducted by MCED.

Now days he is writing for ‘Ratnagiri Times’.

Address : ‘Panchavati’ Aadari road, Dewoolwada,
Malvan, Dist : Sindhudurga,

Phone :


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