Coconut Cottage The Family Beach House – 7738740627 / 9405880637

Coconut cottage the family beach house - Exterior View

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  1. Mrunali Sawant

    Hi There,

    Providing a detailed feedback in case you are looking for a stay in Malwan.

    Stay Period : 26th Feb to 2nd Mar 2022

    What to expect at Coconut Cottage :
    1. Neat, clean, professionally well maintained rooms with attached English Toilet, 24*7 water supply and hot water facility and Power backup.
    2. Fresh and flavourful seafood (Pomfret Thaali, Halwa Thaali, Prawns Thaali, Surmai Thaali, Crab Thaali, Chicken Thaali) prepared by Malwani Method is served piping hot, vegetarian food is also available on request. (My stay had overlapped with Mahashivratri fast and we were served delicious food relevant to fast)
    3. Amazing view of Sindhudurg Fort and Malwan Beach from the Cottage
    4. Mr. Omkar Palav, the owner, guides you very well with the itinerary, excellent service along with all possible customisations that we requested for.
    5. Mobile services like Airtel and Jio work exceptionally well which allow you to stay in touch with your workplace/connect at home.
    6. Not just family, but groups of females can also have a comfortable and safe stay.
    7. The owner, along with the family together make the stay worth it since they also interact and guide while providing services. However privacy of the guest is their top priority.
    8. Car / Auto service is also provided if required, on prior request. Drivers being native, also provide you with abundant information about the places you visit.
    9. Nearest station being Sindhudurg nagari by train, the destination is also reachable by flight via Chipi Airport.
    10. All the places covered as a part of itinerary are equidistant from the cottage.

    I would always recommend this place with a 5/5 rating. Thank you very much Vishwas Palav kaka , kaki, Omkar and Sneha for making our stay memorable. See you all soon at my next visit. 😊

  2. Kaustubh Rajapkar

    Excellent hospitality…. Omkar, the owner of the cottage exhibits very good attitude & offered all the co-operation… The food here is good quality & very tasty, they will serve you to your satisfaction… the sea food is really good..
    Worth visiting, exceeds expectation, will definitely revisit.. 😀👍🏼

  3. Excellent place to relax for holidays. Rooms are clean and nicely decorated. Its a upgraded version of homestay. Omkar Palav is a good host who not only feed us tasty food but help us fixing our 3days itinerary too. Highly recommended for friends and families

  4. Sanchita Sachin Kore

    Enjoyed excellent stay at Coconut Cottage.
    Nice ambience, attached to sea shore, very safe…
    Food was tasty n healthy…
    Palav uncle n his family is very helpful…

  5. स्वप्नील महाडीक

    हॉटेल कोकोनट कॉटेज… मालवण मध्ये राहण्यासाठी अति उत्तम ठिकाण. आम्हीं या हॉटेल मध्ये 16 मे ते 18 मे 2018 असे तीन दिवस राहायला होतो. पालव काकांनी एक दिवस आधी पासूनच आमची येण्याची तयारी करून ठेवली होती. आम्हांला येण्यासाठी काही त्रास होऊ नये म्हणून.. खूप छान मार्गदर्शन केले. हॉटेल मध्ये आल्यानंतर ओंकार पालव काकांचा मुलागा याने आमचे खूप छान प्रकारे स्वागत करून राहण्याची सोय करून दिली.. ओंकारने स्वतः परदेशात हॉटेल मॅनेजमेंट केले आहे त्यामुळे आपल्या पाहुण्यांना नक्की काय पाहिजे आहे याची त्याला खरी जाण आहे. अतिशय सुरेख, सुंदर आणि स्वच्छ असें रूम आहे.. प्रत्येक वस्तू का आणि कशी ठेवली आहे त्या पाठीशी एक विचार आहे..ओंकाराचा आदरातिथ्याने आम्हीं अक्षरशा भारावून गेलो. .मालवण आणि तेथील जवळील पर्यटन स्थळे केव्हा आणि अशी पाहावीत याचे खूप छान मार्गदर्शन केले आणि त्या साठी वाहनाची सुद्धा सोय करून दिली. .आपल्या पाहुण्यांना काय हवे काय नको याचा सतत विचार असतो त्याच्या मनात. . पालव काका तर एकदम तजेल व्यक्तिमत्व..खूप आनंदाने आणि कुठलाही स्वार्थ मनात न ठेवता.. मदत करण्यासाठी तत्पर असतात.. पालव काकूंनी बनवलेलं पापलेटची चव तर कायम आमच्या जिभेवर रेंगाळत राहील.. एकंदरीत आमचा मालवण दौरा कायम आमच्या मनात घर करून राहील.. खऱ्या अर्थाने कोकणची माणसें साधी भोळी असतात याचे उत्तम उदाहरण आहे पालव कुटुंब… धन्यवाद. आमच्या पाहुणचारा बद्दल…

  6. I was here with my friends from 7th to 9th April 2018, the place is wonderful and very close to the beach. The view of the nature from the hotel is mesmerizing. You can have a view of Sindhudurga Fort from the garden of the hotel while sipping a cup of tea.
    The owner of the hotel Mr. Omkar Palav is very friendly and amazing chef. The food cooked by him was very delicious and I would especially recommend trying the fish thali. The rooms provided by him were spacious and clean. The amenities provided in rooms were of best qualities.
    Our stay in this hotel was pleasant and I would highly recommend this hotel for stay and food for family and friends who are planning to visit Malvan.

  7. We have been to Coconut Cottage from 1st Feb to 3rd Feb 2018. It is an amazing place to holiday with family.
    Location is prime and exactly on the beach. U just come out of gate and u r on the beach.
    Place shown on site is same. Not anything fake. Very safe place to stay for family.

    Food was cooked by Palav Kaki ,It was just delicious and mouth watering. Certainly Fish were fresh and handpicked by Palav Kaka from market Fish was cooked in authentic malvani spices with amazing taste.

    We enjoyed our stay with a warm welcome from Palav Family. You can see the Sindhudurg Fort in front of you while sitting in the garden and sipping your tea.

    Mr. Vishwas Palav kaka the owner of the property was extremely good & was very helpful. He will really help you to the extent until you find out what you want it. Just ask him & he will get it co-ordinated for you. They arrange bike for transport as well as scuba diving and water sports.

    By the end of your trip here you would definitely want to be back here even if it’s only to meet Mr. Palav and his family again. Mr. Palav and his son Omkar are great host and always ready to assist.
    We highly recommend this stay for everyone…We will definitely want to visit here again…

    Rating : 10/10 ***** 5 star in all sense….

  8. the sea view is is excellent,service was good.they gave us fresh fish.

    i want to make a special note to omkar palav who helped me to fetch a doctor in dire need.

    thank you for your support.will visit again…….

  9. I was here along with my family on 28 Jan to 30 Jan 2018. A pictures cape location. It is actually a beach house.Fantastic place to stay at rajkot beach.Step out of the house and you are on sea shore.
    Rooms were clean & neat, proper hygiene was maintained.
    food was homemade & awesome. They served fresh fish thalis ( authentic malvani food ).
    Palav family is very helpful and pays attention to the needs of guest.
    Special thanks to Omkar who was always there to attend the guest query/needs.
    Will definitely stay here on my next trip to malvan & also recommend to others also.

  10. We have been to Coconut Cottage from 28th Jan to 30th Jan 2018.
    Our stay was pleasant and memorable at this homestay.
    Rooms are clean. Washroom and bedding is well maintained too.

    Food was cooked by Palav Kaki ,It was just delicious and mouth watering.
    Certainly Fish were fresh and handpicked by Palav Kaka from market just to keep their guest happy.
    We have tried Prawns Thali,Crab Thali,Pomfret Thali, Surmail Thali, and chicken thali . Fish was cooked in authentic malvani spices with amazing taste.
    Omkar Palav is always on toes to keep guest satisfied and happy.
    Thank you Omkar,Palav Kaka & Kaki and Amit.
    All the best Omkar for your future endeavour.

    Omkar Pawaskar

  11. It is an amazing place to holiday with family & friends. I was with my family for 4-5 days.Cottage is at prime location. It is easily connected to market, Sindhudurg Fort, rock garden, Chivla beach etc. Rooms are spacious & economical too. Staff is very helpful & listens to all your needs. It is very peaceful & gives a homely feeling. Food, ambiance, sea-view is mesmerizing. Palav aunty serves authentic malvani dishes specially fish dishes.

  12. Dear Mr Vishwas n Omkar,

    We visited Malvan between 23 Dec till 26 Dec. We booked your home stay for two nights and we wanted to extend our stay but it was house full and unfortunately we had to check out on 25 Dec. Later on we went to Tarkarli and enjoyed a night stay there before resuming our routine life.

    We enjoyed our stay with a warm welcome from Palav Family. You can see the Sindhudurg Fort in front of you while sitting in the garden and sipping your tea. Our group enjoyed every moment sitting in the garden and chatting for hours and chatting over cups of tea. Our children’s needs were taken care by the family.

    Veg Malvani food prepared by Mrs Palav was tasty and Masala Bhendi prepared on request was awesome. Also not to forgot the Ukdi Modak although they didn’t have any restaurant service attached.

    We were satisfied with the service and will recommend friends.

    Also they will help you with contact for Scuba Diving and other water sports and sight seeing.

    Rating for overall experience

    4.5 / 5

    All the best Omkar!!

  13. Our friend Circle, 4 families (Rathod, Pande, Potdar & Zade) explore malvan/Konkan first time with kids to get relax and out of frustration from our day to day life.

    We have booked 2 Double bed rooms for 3 days with AC, satisfied with rooms which were up to the mark rooms are very specious, well maintained in cleanness, good flooring, POP, washroom and bedding as well.
    we got satisfaction beyond our expectation and also got treatment like we belongs to same family members from Mr Omkar Palav & his father those are highly educated but still down to earth and know how to handle customer to come back again n again by following Malwan cultures and Etiquette.
    we used to get hot milk/biscuits on request for children which was really useful to avoid their hunger anytime in day, this was special highlight I would say.

    Tea, breakfast and Veg and Non-veg dinner was very delicious which we enjoyed a lot, so thanks to Omkar and Aunty for home made food, specially Wheat khir was awesome.
    I just felt one thing or may be take as suggestion about breakfast was we should raise quantity of breakfast as compare to cost of Rs.60 or reduce the cost of breakfast which felt too much.

    Places near by to visit by walk:
    View of Rajkot beach and exactly in front of sindhudurg fort. other famous places are on walking distance only like Kalbadevi Mandir, rock garden (Sunset view) , chivala beach and ganesh mandir.

    Palav Uncle were too co-operative and explained history of malwan in such way that we felt like father is explaining to his child and also they mixed with our children as grandfather.We will definitely want come again to stay here and also suggest my relatives and friends to stay here.

    Thanks to Palav family for treating us as a family members. We offer overall 4.5 stars of rating.

  14. Harendra choudhary


    ROOM:- Specious good looking..Neat and clean…..Bathrooms..Hot water till 12.30 in morning…Safe for Family..

    FOOD.:-HOME MADE prepared by Mrs. Palav is excellent..Delicious …..Veg aswell as Non veg……Fish and society was mouth watering…..thanks for such a good food

    SERVICE:- It is as good as u will get in any 5 star hotel….Palav family is an excellent host…Never say no for any thing…Very kind in nature

    We enjoyed the stay completely & would recommend the same to others as well !!

  15. The COCONUT COTTAGE is a complete family resorts we stayed their for 3 days….. Extremely safe for family…. Exactly in front of sea….. Spacious room with clean bathroom… Makes ous feel that we are in our own house……*A HOME AWAY FROM HOME*…. Delicious homemade food made by Mrs Pallav was so tasty that it’s still in our mouth……Pallav family is such a great Host that makes our trip memorable …..I can suggest any one blindly to stay in this COCONUT COTTAGE……. Thanks to palav family to make the proverb true. ” अतिथि देवो भवः”

  16. I had stay at coconut beach resort on 8th Dec. 2017 for 2 nights….It is beautiful place to stay. Mr. Palva and his family are nice person. Room is clean and well decorated. Garden area is very pleasent and beautiful. The outside view of beach and sindudurg fort is awesome.
    Beside all this very important is carrying nature of Mr. Omkar and his father…They help us in all maner in malven.

  17. Rating 5/5
    Nice place to stay, near sea. All family and staff is very co operative, feel like live at home.
    Nice and clean rooms, rooms are at afordable prices.
    Location of hotel is very near to sea and sindhudurg Fort, as well as market, also visiting places are nearby.
    Place shown on site is same. Not anything fake. Very safe place to stay for family. Even in our group all are girls we feel very safe. Things required get in short notice.
    Food is delicious homemade, tasty, clean. Packages of soprts is nice.
    Car parking is safe
    Want to visit again
    Tku all family Omkar, Vishwas Palav and his wife and all staff. Nice to meet to u all,
    We Will meet again as soon as possible.

  18. Coconut Cottage was a beautiful place to stay, with excellent hosts, we stayed 3 nights, our room was situated on the ground floor. It was beautifully decorated, to a high standard and so clean, we were provided with fresh towels, soaps, insect repellents & a cosy blanket for when the night got chilly. Our host Omkar & his lovely family made us feel completely relaxed & extremely welcome, the price was very reasonable & the home cooked food amazing!
    The garden at the front of the house is wonderful with plenty of seating & a hammock for lazy days, the house is right on the beach overlooking the spectacular Sindhudurg Fort. Malvan is a magical place. We will definitely return!
    Thank You Omkar & Family
    from Jo & Lee

  19. This was our first trip to Malvan with very little knowledge where to stay, what are the places to visit, where to eat, etc etc. We had visited this month for 2 days in Malvan. We Googled few website & then we came across And when you have little knowledge on the place just believe on the reviews & exactly what we did below selecting “Coconut Cottage” for our stay. Mr. Vishwas Palav the owner of the property was extremely good & was very helpful. He will really help you to the extent until you find out what you want it. Just ask him & he will get it co-ordinated for you. That’s called as real “HOSPITALITY”. thanks Palav Sir.

    He really gave us a homely feel while Mrs. Palav offered us a delicious home made Malvani meals. She is great. Thanks to Omkar & Kedar as well.

    The property is extremely good & near to shore, you can hear the sound of waves. You can actually see Sindhudurg fort which is amidst the sea from the property.They have a small garden which is very nice.

    Next time I would definitely like to visit with my entire family. Thanks for everything Mr. Palav & family.

  20. Shankar Kamble

    “If in Malvan stay only @Coconut Cottage for a safe and homely stay. Your home away from home.”

    We were referred to this property thru Malvancity website and it turned out to be the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. Mr. Palav and his Son Onkar was very responsive to our queries even before our travel from Pune. We stayed at Coconut Cottage from May 12, 2017 to May 15, 2017 in a very nice room. The location of the cottage close to Rajkot beach. Coconut Cottage is a beautiful homestay in the lap of nature. The view of Sindhudurga fort from cottage is great. The property, is extremely well maintained and gives you that warm and homely feeling. The bathroom is huge and clean, with provision for hot water. The lunch and dinner had a wide array of food cooked by Mrs. Palav Mam, which was absolutely amazing. Every time they get fresh fish from market & don’t serve you frozen fish. The dinner conversations with them were so memorable that we didn’t feel like we were guests.

    There are many places to explore and you can seek the expert guidance of the hosts. By the end of your trip here you would definitely want to be back here even if it’s only to meet Mr. Palav and his family again.

    Mr. Palav and his son Omkar are great host and always ready to assist.

    We enjoyed the stay completely & would recommend the same to others as well !!

  21. Lipesh Govindan

    Excellent spot for a getaway from the city life to a place adjacent to the sea which has a view of the Sindhudurg fort too.
    Me and my family had a very good time here. Moreover all the water sports are done at the same beach which has this property.
    The rooms were good. The sea facing lunch is another good thing about this place.
    Fresh fish and delicious Malvani food. We didn’t think of even trying anything else as we loved and had the same dish back to back.
    Would recommend for this place.

  22. Sachin Deshmukh

    I and my family had stayed here for 3 days..Excellent location
    Lovely people..on the top of it was the food that was served..
    Mouth watering ..Best seafood i ever had.
    Thanks Mr.& Mrs Vishwas palav..Omkar there son made every
    Poosible effort to make our stay comfortable.
    If any one visits malvan has to be @ Cocnut cottage..
    See you again…and we r going to miss u..

  23. This place is very beautiful. Close to sindhudurg fort and market. Owner is very cooperative and helpful. Rooms are very neat and clean . Our two days stay was very memorable and we have lot fun .

  24. Alesha Mhapankar

    The location is view of Sindhudurg fort was excellent and also Market is also nearby.
    We enjoyed home made seafood. The room are clean,comfortable and well secured.
    My son really enjoyed this place.

    Thanks Omkar, father and his mom to make our short trip memoreble.

  25. Pragati Chopade

    Such a peaceful and cosy stay!
    Home away from home!
    Malvan beach just next to compound wall!
    Facing Sindhudurg fort!
    Thia place is a startup by a Hotel Management Graduate who wants to provide complete package for their customers!
    Perfect place to get a break from hectic schedule!
    People here will suggest you nice food places, best scuba diving contacts, malvani special things, alphanzo farms, other special places to visit!
    No need of a guide if you are staying here!
    Just go for it!
    Thanks Onkar and Family!!

  26. The location is excellent with sea view. The view of Sindhudurg fort was excellent. Market is also nearby.

    They gave excellent service. The food was very homely , we did not have to go searching for it. The environment was very secured, homely and friendly with good ambience. The rooms are clean,neat and affordable.

    We were served a fasting dish for one of our elderly member within short time of our request. which shows even the elders were felt comfortable.

    The owners are polite friendly and down to earth,

    Thanks once again to Omkar , his Father and Mother.

  27. I visited the malvan first time with my son and wife. I booked the room for 3 day for getting relaxation from day to day working. I get the satisfaction beyond my expectation. It was my memoriable tour. We get a treatment like our family members from Mr and Mrs. Vishwas Palav and Omkar Palav (son) and staff.The veg food breakfast and dinner was very delicious and fresh.We were enjoying very much. The rooms are very specious and lavish.The cleanliness is maintained in very good manner.The place is exactly front of sindhudurg fort and other places like rock garden , chivala beach and ganesh mandir is only on walking distance .My son experienced like to stay at grandfathers home.We will come again to stay here and also suggest my relatives and friends to stay here.Thanks to Palav family for treating us as a family members. We give 5 stars for rating

  28. Great place to relax. Extremely safe for families, owners are cooperative. Special Thanks to Omkar and his father for assiting us and also thanks for Omkar’s mother for delicious food. I specially recommend this place for families during the visit of Malvan.

  29. Nice to have stay at this cottage. Very good quality of rooms and meal too.Room interior is so nicely arranged and room service is also quick.Its purely family cottage so nice to stay with family.Also its campus is having beautiful view of sea as well sindhudurg fort.Car parking is also at front of cottage.

  30. I visited this place with my Family on the New Year Eve and it was really great fun. From Stay, Food, Location and service everything was UpTo the mark. You really feel at Home because of the service and comfort provided by the family members who own this place.

    We never heard ‘NO’ from them for any of our requirement. From Booking till checkout, everything was smooth and pleasant and we will recommend this place to all our relatives and friends.

    Special Thanks to Omkar, his Brother and Father for assisting us in all our miscellaneous request.

    Thanks for giving us a memorable stay and experience

  31. Awesome homely experience staying at this home cum hotel. It is situated rit on the beach which is an amazing place to enjoy wid kids and family. The food is just so good…..local and home delicious recipies are must try. The rooms and amenities are at par, hiegenic and serves all the needs required to stay on beach. The best part we liked is the owner has all the rooms dedicated to families only which makes it more convenient and avoids nuesense created by bachelors . Cozy home stay which enhances the experience when you go for scuba diving and explore Sindhu Durg technicalities. Must visit and visit to this resort only with family and frens. Safe also as my kid used to just go out and sit on sand to make his castles 🙂 anytime in day. Thanks, m glad that we met u all and got a chance to experience ur hospitality.

  32. Excellent place to stay if you are planning a trip to Malvan, Tarkarli. It’s a family resort with excellent home made food. The hospitality was amazing and we felt at home. All places of interest are very closeby. The Sindhudurg Fort view is awesome from the resort.All this at very affordable price. Thanks to Mr Palav and his son Omkar who were personally looking after us and made our trip a memorable one. I definitely recommend this place for anyone visiting or planning a vacation in Malvan.

  33. One of the best stays i have ever had so far! The hospitality was amazing and we really felt at home! Everyone is so nice there and well mannered. The rooms are of very good quality and ideal for a family to stay. Its right on Malvan beach. The best part about it is the food! Excellent home made food and very well managed. My 6 year old kid also loved the stay a lot and food! A must go hotel next time my family visits malvan. Keep up good work!


    The resort is located at a Rajkot beach which is 10 minutes away from Chivala beach. It is centrally located and most of the tourist spots & malvan market are closeby. The rooms are very clean & spacious fitted with modern & necessary gadgets. Resort owner Mr. Palav & his family is very helpful. Homemade food served by Mrs. Palav is very delicious & out of this world. I can steel remember the taste & variety of food they have provided for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Every time they get fresh fish from market & don’t serve you frozen fish. I think you can’t get this service in any other hotel in Malvan. They serve you fresh pomfret, Surmai & prawns as per your demand. Excellent food and very helping service all this at an affordable price only at Coconut Cottage the Family Beach Resort. Will willingly visit again and also strongly recommend to our relatives, friends and everybody. Thanks to Mr. Palav & son Omkar who personally look after us & for making our vacation memorable. This is just like as your beach home away from your home. Must visit place.

  35. I visit this place with my family for four days. I can not categorised this place as a hotel or restaurant as I really feel like my home. Very loving and caring members taking care of everything.

    1) Rooms 4.8 / 5 – Rooms are very spacious, clean and sea facing. Good bedding and AC. Different varieties of rooms for different kind of groups are available. They offered us entire floor for our family with two bedrooms and one spacious hall for family time its all for very optimum rate.
    2) Food 5 / 5 – We had lunch, dinner and breakfasts here, everything is just wonderful from preparation to presentation and have a great memories it seems. You will get both veterinarian and non veterinarian food equally best.
    3) Service 5 / 5 – The service is awesome, people are very polite and friendly. Being that is my visit to Malvan after 14 years I am very impressed with the service I received. And food is Grrreat again.
    4) Location: 5 / 5 – Place is located just 50 steps away from the sea. Safe car parking. Overall best location.



    Great place to relax. Extremely safe for families, owners are cooperative. Staff is helpful.
    Delicious homemade food offered. Rooms are good at affordable prices. The view of sindhudurga fort from hotel is great.Market is nearby, also the tourist spots are close-by. The beach alongside is clean and serves a beautiful view. Hotel has a great ambiance!


    A complete family resort…extremely safe .Clean and tidy rooms at affordable prices.

    Helpful staff and homely atmosphere.
    The view from hotel is good,market is closeby.Various other tourist spots are nearby.Suggestions are offered whenever required.
    overall rating:4.5/5



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