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Top 5 Hotels in Tondavali

Feb 25, 2017 by     No Comments    Posted under: News & articles

The small village of Malvan in Maharashtra is 20 minutes from Malvan city. Tondavali and its surrounding  has been a popular location for tourist development in recent years. Number of cottages have sprung up at Tondavali beach. 

Heading east towards Talashil creek on the north side of the river takes you through Tondavali. Passing through jungle of Casuarina trees attracts tourists from all over the region. Top 5 hotels in Tondavali are as follows

Aaditya Beach Home Stay


Kshanbhar Vishranti Beach Resort

pic 6


 Suruchi Beach Resort

Suruchi Beach Resort - resort in Tondavali

Aapa’s Coconut Garden

Aapa's Coconut Garden

Kesri Holiday Beach Resort



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